mydeedsearch.co.za was started by some very bright minds in the Property and Information Technology fields. We have been working with Property and Deeds information for the past 7 years and decided to start mydeedsearch.co.za to aid the consumer in finding Property and Deeds information. Our long standing relationship with suppliers of property information and the Deeds Office allow us to obtain information much easier than the "man on the street".

We are based in Cape Town but have a national footprint (we can obtain information from any Deeds Office in South Africa). To ensure we provide the best level of service, we have designed our site to be self explanatory minimising the need for support.

We do between 500 and 1000 requests per month and have grown considerably over the past 12 months. We are continuously expanding our product offerings and improving our reports to ensure we provide the best service and information at all times.