Deeds Office Tracking Search (DOTS)

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When a property is sold or an additional bond is taken out against the property or when an interdict is obtained against a property or person, it needs to be registered at the Deeds Office. This process requires a conveyancing attorney to draw up the necessary documents and "lodge" it at the Deeds Office. The Deeds Office will then process the request and verify th...

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Wow. It has been a years since we launched and what a year has it been. We have grown from an unknown website to a recognised provider of property and Deeds Office information. Our customer base is growing and we are proud to be of service to the South African consumer....

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New Look Website Launched

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We have revamped the website and it is now live. It has had a complete facelift but still keeps the ease of use you are used to. We are really proud of our new website....

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Deeds Office Property Registration Procedure

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It currently takes around 7 to 8 working days for registration in the Deeds Office. Below is a guideline of the typical process a deed will follow after lodgement at the Deeds Office. South Africa has one of the best deeds regisration systems in the work allowing for the maximum protection of the property owner.  Day 1: Lodgement Lodgement of the deeds. Deeds are checked by the lodgement clerks. Lodgement cle...

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After months of development and planning we have launched For the first time in South Africa the man in the street has easy access to Deeds Office and property information. In the past you had to register with a service provider of Deeds Office information to gain access to it. This usually meant filling out lengthy registration forms, signing of debit orders and knowing how the Deeds Office works. Now it is as easy as filling out a form (with the information you ha...

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