Cape Town Archives in Shocking State

posted in Deeds Office

According to a recent article published on, the current state of the archives at the Cape Town Deeds Office is shocking.

No wonder, we sometimes have to wait 2 - 3 months for a historic document to be delivered from the Cape Town Deeds Office. Luckily this only happens to one in every 20 documents, but still, this is a shocking statistic.

According to this article, the state of the store rooms is horrific. The Co2 system appeared to be dysfunctional, the fire alarms are defunct and the fire escape door is locked and the key stored away. The water-piping in the rooms is unstable, water stains appear on the walls, shelves are covered with dust, and rubbish (cool drink bottles, sandwich wrappers and pieces of paper) litters some of the rooms.

There seems to be volumes missing, seals broken on vacuum packs and documents being placed back on the shelf unbound.

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