Deedsweb, the true state of the South African Deeds Office

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Those who have ever tried deedsweb, the official portal of the South African Deeds Office will know how shocking it truly it. The website has hardly been updated the past 15 years, it is completely user unfriendly and makes it extremely difficult for the end user for find any information whatsoever.

This is the main reason why mydeedsearch is in existence. Now, at least the South African consumer is able to find relevant and up-to-date property information via our easy to use website.

Deedsweb is a true reflection of the state of the Deeds Office. They are unable to keep their systems updated, they are plagued my corruption ( and have no idea what customer service is.

We recently went to the Cape Town Deeds Office to get some copies of documents (that we ordered via deedsweb but it was never delivered). What a sad and depressing place. You are greeted by unfriendly staff not really interested in helping you, total incompetence and downright rudeness.

Luckily by using our services you are not subjected to this abuse and can get information without the hassle of enduring this.

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