The result on my DOTS search shows REGISTERED but the Deeds Office search still shows the previous owner

posted in Deeds Office

This is a question we get quite often. There seems to be confusion about when the actual owner change reflects on the Deeds Office search. Sometimes people think our info is outdated, but that is not the case. We have a LIVE link into the Deeds Office which means our info is as current as it is at the Deeds Office.

The reason why this happens is because of the next steps involved in transferring a property. Once a property is registered, it is officially in the name of the new owner, but there is still another step in the Deeds Office before it will show up in a search result.

Once a property is registered, it goes into DATA CAPTURE. This is were the information is captured on the Deeds Office system. Only once it is OUT OF DATA CAPTURE will the new owner's details reflect on a Deeds Office search. This process can take anything from a couple of days to a few months depending on the Deeds Office and the backlog they are experiencing.