Why is it important for a home owner to have a copy of the Title Deed

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Why should a home owner have a copy of the Title Deed or why should a home buyer take a look at the Title Deed before buying a property? These are quite valid questions being asked by our customers all the time.

It is of critical importance to have a copy of the Title Deed (usually called a Deed of Transfer) to ensure you know exactly what restrictions there are on a property. Imagine you buying a property only to later find out that there is a municipal pipe running through your backyard and the Title Deed states that the municipality can at any given time come and dig your garden.

Imagine the estate agent telling you you can expand your house by building on a garage in front only to later find out that there is a 15m road reserve and your property end 3m from your front door.

Title Deeds contain vital information about a property including certain restictions and conditions that needs to be taken into account when expanding your property or selling it.

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