Information about the Registrar of Deeds of South Africa

There are 10 Deeds Office in South Africa with the head office in Pretoria. Traditionally you had to physically go to the Deeds Office to get the Information. There are electronic systems out there but they work on a registration basis and is geared towards the property professional or attorney. is the only true Deeds Office system catering for the general public as well as the property professional.

Applying for Deeds Office Information

You can access information from the Deeds Registry with regard to the following:

  • The registrered owner of a Property
  • The conditions affecting a property
  • Interdicts and contracts for a property
  • Purchase price of a property
  • Rules of a Sectional Scheme
  • Copy of a Antenuptial Contract (ANC), Deed of Servitude, Mortgage Bonds, Interdicts etc.
  • Title Deeds (Deed of Transfer)
  • Information relating to the tracking of a deed through the registration process (DOTS)
  • The DIFFICULT way of getting Deeds Office Information

If you are up for an administrative nightmare, you can follow the "traditional" way of obtaining Deeds Office information.

Before can even think of getting information from the deeds registry, you must have the following ready:

  • The full names and/or identity number of the owner of property, or at least his or her date of birth. (In the case of a juristic person, the name and registration number, if available, is necessary)
  • The correct erf number and township or farm name and number, not the street address. (In the case of a sectional title scheme, the section and the scheme name are required

Then, to obtain a copy of a deed or document from a deeds registry or any other information, you must:

  • Go to any deeds office (deeds registries may not give out information acting on a letter or a telephone call)
  • Take a number and wait anything between 30 minutes and 2+ hours for someone to help you
  • Go to the information desk where an official will help you to complete a prescribed form and explain the procedure
  • Request a data typist to do a search on the property, and
  • Pay the required fee at the cashier’s office and take the receipt back to the official at the information desk. The receipt number will be allocated to your copy of title.

How long does it take?

A search at the Deeds Office may take 30 to 60 minutes, sometimes it takes a few days and sometimes it never reaches the end user (in the case of automated document copies ordered from deedsweb). In some of the larger offices, the copy of a deed is posted or it must be collected after a certain period of time.

The EASY way of getting Deeds Office Information

Luckily you can use to obtain ANY information held at the Deeds Office. No travelling, no standing in queues, no incompetent government officials, basically no hassles.

Just follow our easy 3-step process here and your information will be delivered straight to your Inbox.

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